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The Computer Careers Course provides an introduction to computer technology and the impact computers have on everyday life. The computer industry is changing and available jobs are changing as well. New IT industry skills are becoming the standard for technology jobs.

CompTIA Strata and A+ standards are covered as well as PC Pro Certification. The student will build and operate a state of the art PC safely and properly while learning the components and how they interact. The knowledge obtained will be directly correlated to the Industry standard certification programs from CompTIA and TestOut. These skills are a great stepping stone to the Computer Technician job field.

Students will learn to program games for the PC and Mac as well as mobile application programming using the GAME:IT system. This is a very popular field right now and students in the class will actually program games for the PC while learning the structure and design of programming languages.The students will begin to build real working games. They will learn the math and physics concepts used in game development, how the engineering cycle is used to design games, the components of a good game, color theory used in game design, and how to create sprites and animation.


Programming also continues into other areas in the second year with access to the C / C++ Institute and the certifications offered there. We are an authorized Academy for the C++ Institute, and offer discounted certification tests for students interested in programming.

Computer and Networking Hardware introduction and troubleshooting will introduce the students to all manners of hardware, including laser a inkjet printers, scanners, routers, switches, hubs, wireless access points, expansion cards, laptops, tablets, servers, and projectors. Troubleshooting will include setup and installation as well as routine maintenance and issues found in the common workplace.

Students will be introduced to multiple Operating Systems (Microsoft, Linux, and Apple) and learn basic tasks and maintenance in each. Students will learn how to install and operate these Operating Systems, as well as setup basic tasks in each including network connectivity, printers, installation of productivity, security, anti virus, device drivers, add-on utilities and other basic software packages.

Students will continue the skills learned in the Game Programming portion of the Class to create web pages using the HTML language. This language is very commonplace and allows for an introduction into programming where students can see the results right away. Students will be able to program their own web pages and learn a valuable skill that can be directly translated into a web designer job.

There will also be hardware programming skills learned while utilizing the LEGO Mindstorm Programming Language and Robot Building. Being able to control a physical device with intelligent programming is a great thrill and brings a whole host of achievements to the student. This portion of the class will allow the student to create a robot and control it from a program designed by the student.

Students will be able to learn the skills required to prepare for the CompTIA Certification Tests STRATA and A+ Certification, as well as the TestOut PC Pro Certification. The curriculum will largely follow the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition Standards.

College preparation. Take advantage of the program’s dual-enrollment options. A dual enrollment agreement provides an opportunity for students to complete college course requirements at Kennebec Valley Community College. The dual enrollment course credits are transferable between colleges and can give students a good start in their college plans.


These skills can help students prepare for a career in the networking service industry. Students from the course go onto careers like :

· Desktop and helpdesk support.

· Network service and repair.

· Network administration.

· Wireless system services.

· Security administration and services.

· Programming & software development.


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There are no course prerequisites for Computer Technology.  However, recommendations include:

  • Algebra-I math skills, or equivalent experience.
  • Ability to read instructions and memorize trade terminology.
  • Ability to study course materials outside classroom meeting times.
  • Access to computers and tools for practicing concepts at home.

This course is specifically designed to teach computer fundamentals for those planning technology careers.  Students enrolling in the course prepare for professional certifications and regularly complete practice exam simulations.



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This course meets Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, and Fri from 11:45 am to 2:15 pm.


This course is held at WCTC in room Computer Technology.

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