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The Literacy Program at WCTC includes two major components: literacy coaching and portfolio development. 

Coaching is available to any instructor at any time during the school year.  Coaching can take many forms: providing resources to instructors, assisting with literacy lesson planning, providing weekly mini lessons for Accuplacer preparation, modeling literacy strategies in the classroom, and observing instructors teaching literacy strategies and providing feedback.  Coaching can be more formal and involve weekly meetings between the literacy coordinator and the instructor for a quarter or a semester, or it can involve informal requests from an instructor for assistance from the literacy coordinator.

Portfolio development involves all students at WCTC.  All classes meet twice per quarter for one hour with the literacy coordinator.  Students use the computer lab to create resumes, cover letters, and work samples.  They also do job searches and career interest inventories, and they collect relevant documents, such as technical certifications and honors, to include in their portfolios.  These portfolios document a student’s progress in their technical course and help students obtain jobs, higher education, and WCTC scholarships for college.  Portfolios are 10% of each student’s quarter grade and are graded by instructors using rubrics provided by the literacy coordinator.

Assessments for literacy include quarterly portfolio grades, a twice yearly Scholastic Reading Inventory test, and for juniors and seniors, an Accuplacer sentence skills and reading comprehension test.


There are no prerequisites.  All students are involved in the Literacy Program through the development of portfolios.



This course meets Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu from 8:15 am to 1:45 pm for 37 weeks.


This course is held at WCTC in room Schoolwide and computer lab.

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